The Southern Humboldt Joint Unified School District (SHJUSD) Board of Education recognizes and appreciates that volunteer assistance in schools can significantly enrich the educational program, increase supervision of students, contribute to school safety, and strengthen a school’s relationship with the community.
The Board encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge and abilities with students. The Board, in compliance with California Education Code Section 35021 and Board Policy 1240, requires school volunteers to be screened and authorized to volunteer. Volunteers who may be in contact with students outside the presence of certificated staff, however briefly, must arrange for a California Department of Justice (DOJ) fingerprint submission prior to volunteering. Also, volunteers who will have frequent or prolonged contact with students must also be TB tested and cleared. These requirements are in place given an abundance of caution for student safety and well-being. 
Some levels of volunteerism present a “gray area.” If in doubt, please contact the District Office/Superintendent who has the discretion to determine which volunteers must be fingerprinted for a DOJ background check, based on the type of volunteerism.

What are some examples of volunteer activities at school requiring (or not requiring) fingerprinting?
Fingerprinting/DOJ Criminal Background Check and TB Clearance are REQUIRED for These Volunteers Fingerprinting/DOJ Criminal Background Check  NOT REQUIRED
Volunteer assignment involving contact with students at school or on field trips where there is a possibility a volunteer could be outside the presence of a certificated staff member (teacher or administrator) even briefly Attending a musical, drama production, athletic, academic or art event as a member of the audience
Driving and/or chaperoning field trips, including after-school sports. (Note: a valid CA Driver License and insurance coverage also required.) Presents at a “Career Exploration Day” once during the school year
Coaching or assisting with special events, including dances, sports competitions, drama and musical productions Attends school events at which parents are expected to supervise their own children (e.g., Back to School Night or Spelling Bee)
Providing lunch-time volunteer assistance or eating lunch on campus with children when not volunteering Visits the office for the purpose of conducting business there in the capacity as a parent, attending a parent-staff conference