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Programas de vales para bicicletas electricas proximamente!

El estado de California y RCEA estan apoyando la micromovilidad y bajos carbones
emisiones de transportacion en el condado de Humboldt a traves de programas de vales de bicicletas electricas (E-Bike) que reduciran el costo de una bicicleta electrica

E-Bike Voucher Programs

The State of California and RCEA are supporting micro-mobility and low-carbon
transportation in Humboldt County through E-Bike voucher programs that will reduce the
cost of a new electric bike.

Encourage Gratitude and Thanks Among Our Team

As we navigate through the challenges and triumphs of our work, it's important to take a moment to appreciate the dedication and hard work of our colleagues. In the spirit of fostering a positive and collaborative work environment where we all feel a sense of belonging, we'd like to encourage you to express your gratitude and appreciation for one another.

Addressing Inappropriate Language and Behavior

My hope is that you will support and work with us to eradicate inappropriate language and behavior at our schools. Let's work together to make respectful language and positive discourse the expectation we have of each other throughout the community in Southern Humboldt.